03 March 2010

back to the swatches.

decisions, decisions.

After almost five years of living with the previous owners' taste in color for our home, gradually redecorating and recoloring as time and energy allowed, we finally worked our way into our own bedroom, full of visions of renewed energy and love for the space where we start and end our days.

And somehow we ended up with an accent wall an even more unsightly green than the one we painted over:


I know people who pick wall colors based solely on the name of the swatch. They would almost certainly not have fallen for one called "Retro Avocado." It should have been a warning, for sure.

So it's back to the drawing board! We do, at least, like the very light gray color we painted the other three walls. In fact, I'd be fine with just using that for all four walls, but Daddy-pan really likes the idea of a pop of color behind the bed. Anything up there look good? I'm leaning toward one of the two darker blues, I think.

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