12 February 2010

something special.


This was one of those projects I saw online and knew I HAD to try. It's the "Something Special" envelope by Jennifer Casa, of JCasa *handmade for sew, mama, sew.

She designed it as a valentine card and has some stunning ideas for messages, including a really great interchangable design where you swap words on buttons to write notes to your sweetie. So lovely.

But when I saw it I thought it was the perfect idea for my sister's February birthday, and any occasion (graduation, wedding, etc.) where the recipient needs/wants cash as a gift. I'm not opposed to giving money and the chance for someone to use it where it's most wanted or needed. But it's no fun to just stuff a wad of bills in their hand! This is such a pretty, creative way to make the gift much more meaningful than "just cash," I think.

I decided to make the front look like a "real" envelope and added the stamp and addresses--chose the kind of generic "us" and "you" in case my sister wants to reuse it for someone else.
something special envelope
The back of mine closes with a snap, or you could choose a pretty button, elastic hairband hook-and-loop, or velcro. And it was so much to have as an on-the-go project, because I could keep all the embroidery supplies inside the envelope while I worked on the front!
something special envelope
something special envelope
w.i.p.: something special envelope
Definitely put this one on your to-try list. Besides the gifting possibilities, you could use it for carrying coupons&receipts, correspondence, tissues.... endless possbilities. If I make it again, I might start with a smaller square (she uses 10x10, but I think 9x9 or even 8x8 would be nice for holding smaller items like slips of paper--because I always have a purse full of those!)


Holly said...

I love the idea of using a fabric envelope to hold a cash gift! I'm always looking for new ways to wrap gift certificates.

mama-pan said...

thanks, Holly! Yeah, you could cut the size down really far and use it for the credit-card sized gift cards stores issue.

Little C and Little J said...

lovely! This is a good idea to tuck into my mental list.

Dashily said...

This is *lovely*! What a great gift idea, and you've executed it so well. And hello to a fellow Washingtonian! I'm sure you're just as tired of seeing brown snow everywhere as I am.

By the way -- your header with the blue eggs (robin's eggs?) is gorgeous.


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