10 February 2010

snowy snow snow.

does the fact that I'm not sure what day it is, let alone the last time I changed my underwear, tell you anything about the bizarre mental stasis brought on by the past week and half of snowy weather here in the DC area?

we are doing OK, really--a warm house, plenty of food, and able bodies for shoveling are all things I'm grateful for right now, because I know there are plenty of people out there without them. we even took advantage of the small window between blizzards when the roads were somewhat plowed and made it to a nearby diner for pancakes. but I'm still feeling the strangeness of being bound indoors in a way we're not used to--I'm definitely the kind of mom who likes to escape the house and go to the library, zoo, park, backyard, etc. on a regular basis. (with the kids, I mean--even though I wish I could go to the zoo by myself, those little buggers always seem to invite themselves along.) So we've been joining forces with neighbors to rotate playdates and potlucks, and that really helps--it's a strange kind of mandatory extended vacation for all of us, and no one's sure when it will end, so we've been trying to enjoy it even while our brains scream for warm weather and clear pavement.

did I mention we've been shoveling?


1 comment:

Little C and Little J said...

I'm right there with you! and Loving it. I"m a MN girl at heart.


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