04 February 2010

roll 'em up and jump on in.


I am quite fond of this kid. He is the kid who will happily play in a puddle, but conscientiously roll up his pants first so they won't get wet. He is the kid who got himself AND his brother dressed for snow Wednesday morning, then came outside and helped me shovel the driveway clear. He is the kid who still asks me to check on him "in ONE minute" after I tell him goodnight and leave the room. Half the time he's asleep by the time I get back in there.

It hit me today that pretty soon they'll be telling me he's ready to go full days at his school. I am soooo not ready for that. When did he get to be a big kid, an almost-kindergartener, a boy of his own? Forgive me for dwelling in sentiment--it's just that I never imagined, when he first came into our lives, how much more I would love him every day that went by. How much prouder I would feel with each page of loopy practice letters he brings home, with each kind word he says to a friend. This moment is so sweet in itself, I want to hold on to it forever--and yet I know, I believe, that the next ones are worth reaching toward.



Little C and Little J said...

forgive me while I wipe away a little tear of recognition. nice reflection.

mama-pan said...

thanks, M. the other day, out of the blue, he asked me if I thought he could come home for lunch then go back to school in the afternoon "like Mr. Rogers and Abuelo do." I thought it was a nice idea--wish schools had the option for an at-home lunchtime!


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