02 February 2010

on sewing dresses.

Here is a dress I made some time back from the very famous, very simple built by wendy--built by you pattern, Simplicity 3835. The built by wendy flickr group has a lot of great examples of what people have done with this dress, and I really love how simple this pattern was to follow and sew.
The problem? It's not such a great fit. Love it on the hanger, not so much on my body. Melissa of allbuttonedup had a funny post a while back on my problem. I also think making the sleeves shorter and/or more gathered might help. We'll see if I ever get around to it, since the body fit is really the problem. And I love that fabric so much!
But a bigger challenge looms, perhaps. Last night I got a call from my sister, who's getting married in oh, less than two months. Can you guess where this is going? Here. As in, you could probably make something like that, right? (but with no sleeves or flower and a v-back and really fitted and a shiny silver pony to ride while I'm wearing it? I love my sister, for real, but that's just how she rolls.  she's an idea person and she'll try anything--and usually get it right.  not quite as easy for the rest of us.) My first instinct was, of course, NO! No, no, no. I really do not have the time--and more importantly I would hate for my attempt to be a disaster. For that reason I'm encouraging my sister to think about buying and re-selling after the wedding, or choosing a less expensive gown. But then, also of course, last night found me up late browsing fabrics and patterns and lace.
My mom would be 100% qualified to make this, and I think that was my sister's first plan, but things are super-stressful for her with ill parents and extra work right now. So part of my motivation to try something this crazy would be to take some pressure off of her. We'll see where this goes. If nothing else, she can borrow my purple tunic.
Update!! My mom and my aunt to the rescue: My research on patterns and fabrics was really helpful to her as a place to start, she says, so she feels comfortable making the dress along with my aunt, another sewing-hero of mine--phew! I'm excited to give my input and help make "things" for the wedding, but so glad I didn't bite off more than I could chew on this one. I think I'll do another post or two with more details on the project, but it will be solely for your interest--and the glory of my mother :-)

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Little C and Little J said...

super,duper exciting project!


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