19 February 2010

barter exchange marketplace.

before Melissa gets mad at me, I wanted to post about her great idea for a crafty barter exchange. You can go to her blog, tigerlilytinkering to read the rules and concept, and see the items she's offered to trade--I imagine she'll also provide a list of participants once things get going. Basically, we each offer a list of several items we are willing to make for someone else--and in return we can ask that person to make one of their specialties for us. I'm pretty sure your list could be on a blog or through your flickr stream, if you're not a blogger.

I think it's a genius idea. It's different from some of the other craft swaps I've seen online, in that it's more of an ongoing process and is organized not around a particular theme but rather around what each of us as crafters enjoy making most--it gives us the opportunity to sample someone else's handmade efforts without the embarassment of having to hint for a gift (or the price tag of a custom etsy order!).

If it's OK, I'll make this a "work-in-progress" post, just because I have a couple other items I need to photograph before I offer them here. But here are several things I'd be willing to barter--join in and show us whatchya got!

Cape for Kai

1) A kids' superhero cape like the one above--we can chat about the letter for the applique and any color preferences, then I'll get as close as I can from my stash fabrics.


2) Women's (or I could make it for a kid) knit neckwarmer, my variation on this great ravelry pattern--I still have some wool yarn in this color, or I could do another color from my stash yarns--ask me!

yoga bag for teresa

3) Linen yoga bag, from the Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing pattern. Again, we can talk about what kind of embroidery you'd like or I could do a patterned fabric, etc.


4) felted wool baby shoes--I'm not sure I have enough left from this same sweater, so we could talk about fabric and applique on this (I sound like a broken record here! the point being that I am happy to make any of these items to suit your preferences and my material availability).

made: bias tape

5) bias tape! You could have many, many yards of the one shown here, or you could send a fabric and I could turn it into tape for you, if that process scares you.


Little C and Little J said...

Um, one of everything please! Yeah, for barter. I will post on my blog about your offerings! And then, I might have to start shopping.

Little C and Little J said...

Well, it is looking like you and I are serious trend-setters because our great idea hasn't caught on. I'm excited, however. And, want to shop at Mama-Pan, please. So, I'd love a yoga mat carrier. The big boy and I just started a Family Yoga class and I would love to tote it around for that. Also, any chance you could size up the baby booties for a 1 year old? They are so cute. If not, no problem. If the booties aren't availalble, I would love a cape with a 'C'. Pretty please. Let me know if you are interested in a barter and if you want something I've made (on my post about marketplace or not).

mama-pan said...

hey there! I just sent you an email, before reading this comment--I'd love to make any of those things for you! My first request was for some baby bibs, but maybe I'll shop around your archives and see what else looks good ;-) hmm, maybe we should brainstorm about ways to publicize our efforts; I really do think you had a great idea and others would join on if they knew...

Little C and Little J said...

Hi there. So, I would love some baby felt shoes. There are alot of pregnancies in my world right now and they would rock. Are you up for an exchange! You know you want deodorant that isn't scary!


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