21 January 2010

w.i.p. and new scarf

w.i.p. and new scarf

my lovely sister chose this scarf for me for Christmas--well, she chose it from the things I had loved on while shopping at a great all-handmade store in our hometown. When did that place get so darn cute? I hope they do well in this down economy--sharing their store with a cupcake/coffee shop is a stroke of brilliance, I'm sure.

She had taken off the tag, so I'm not sure which artist this piece comes from, but it's basically a long braid of 75 (I counted) strands of yarn and ribbon--not a difficult concept at all, but really striking in the choices of colors and textures this person brought together. I get compliments every time I wear it.

And that there? Down in front? that's my current knit-in-progress. I may have mentioned here before that I have only recently learned to knit--years behind on that trend. And now everywhere I look I see such lovely, intricate things with crochet--ah well. For now, I'm a two-needle girl, but my mom is a long-time crocheter, so I'm sure I can pick it up whenever I'm ready (even though my childhood lessons ended in frustration--maybe my hands are more coordinated these days).

so, what will it be, you ask? LEGWARMERS, of course. My own design, so I have no clue how it will come out. But if they are nice, I'll share what I did!


Little C and Little J said...

so exciting! This rocks. Can't wait to hear about how the knitting progresses.

mama-pan said...

so of course, right after I posted that triumphant story, I pulled the project out of my bag and saw two of the needles had slipped out, dropping stiches. I don't think I'll have to backtrack too much, but that will teach me to brag before I get something good and finished!


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