12 January 2010

bonus snowed-in holiday.

happy 2010, everyone. I took this photo near the START of the huge snow storm that blanketed our area right as we were supposed to head south for the holidays. It kept us home a whole day and half extra.

it was great.

as the outliers to a mostly Florida-based extended family on both sides, going there for Christmas only makes sense. But this was the first year I have felt a really strong urge to make our own traditions, our own memories as an autonomous family. So, my husband and I managed a simple but sweet "Christmas morning" for the kids that snowed-in day. They received gifts handmade and specially chosen here (a Montessori site with fantastic and well-priced kid-sized tools and educational gifts and games). We shared some special breakfast, then welcomed one of our favorite friend-couples for the afternoon and a snowed-in sleepover. We ate pancakes for dinner, tried to sled in snow much too soft and deep, and tested out new tools:

I think, even without the 20 inches of snow, we'll make time for another morning like this next year.

1 comment:

Little C and Little J said...

yeah! for the snowed-in holiday. It sounds perfectly wonderful.


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