28 January 2010

new little pincushion

A silly little "something" I made for myself the other day--for a while now I've been wishing I had multiple pincushions, because keeping track of one on trips from machine to ironing board to cutting surface and back drove me crazy. So finally I sat down with a random scrap of wool sweater and threw caution to the wind.

If you can't tell, and I'm sure you can't, it's supposed to be a mountain. My husband thought it was "one of those pointy 1950s kind of boobs." Ahem. Why he thought I would be randomly sitting around sewing stuffed boobs, I know not--a step on the way to a giant Marilyn Monroe softie, perhaps? Anyway, I like it, and I think it has charm, in a weird 5th-grade craft project way. I have seen some people making straight pin heads with shrinkydink plastic, and I think a little hiker or mountain goat would be fitting...

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