29 January 2010

looking for balance.

It's been one of those weeks--got rear-ended on Monday, learned more bad family health news, had a deflating response to some work I'd done, and just generally feeling overextended and overwhelmed. But one thing I'm learning as I post in this space more frequently is that writing helps. And even though I worried cultivating a blogging habit would be too time-consuming, I'm finding that it helps center me. I've certainly been more enlivened and productive with my craft endeavors lately. And even as I sit down to share my small bits of bad news, I find that having written them, I can do a bit of letting go of things that *really* don't matter and give my attention instead to some of the more beautiful parts of my life.
To that end, a list! Of things I'm thankful for today:
1--my husband, because he's generally great
2--my two silly, creative, loving kids
3--the yarn sale I was lucky enough to catch at the fine yarns store near my house
4--the novel I'm finishing today--not so much because it was the greatest read ever, but because it's the first "fun reading" I've finished in what feels like ages
5--the cold weather coming that reminds me to be thankful for warm days in January
6--my sister's upcoming wedding and the gathering of friends and family it will mean
7--other bloggers who share their own ups and downs honestly and eloquently
That last one is really true--I came back to a Thursday night Anusara class I'd fallen away from, and my body and spirit are really thanking me. I haven't posted much here about 2010 resolutions, but returning to yoga is a change I'm hoping to continue throughout the year. If you've never tried it, you should, really--and, for me at least, a class is worlds better than a video. Having the teacher's encouragement and sharing in the spirit of community among the students really makes a difference in how bright I feel after a practice. I don't follow any of them regularly, but I know there are some yoga+crafting+life blogs out there, and I certainly see the connection: both are a way to combine inward and outward creativity, and both point toward greater balance and awareness in all parts of our lives. Right on.

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Little C and Little J said...

yeah for things we are thankful for! Sorry about the rough week. I feel the same about blogging, it's odd, huh? but, it does help. Here is hoping next week is better.


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