18 November 2009

Rake leaves. (jump in pile)

In happier leaf-falling news, it turned out that the kids were exactly the "right" ages for successful raking sessions this year. No one trying to eat the leaves, no one wandering far, no one bored by the process.

I am a little bit proud that we seem to be raising the kids to be good helpers around the house and yard--to enjoy the work of taking care of our spaces. On a grandiose level, I hope this will translate into respect for the environment and the world they live in. On a much more practical level, this means I get much-needed help even from the smallest. It was really, really, gratifying to watch our 4 year old, especially, press on with the rake-bag-carry to curb process until the WHOLE YARD was clear. It helped that our older (9 year old) neighbor had stopped by to participate--she is such a hard worker, too, and an all-around sweet girl. They're moving and we'll really miss them, not least because of the semi-babysitting services she provided just by being a fun "big kid" for mine to hang out with.

And of course, their long afternoon of focus and hard work would have been pointless without a little time to enjoy the crunch and splash of taking flying leaps at the piles they made. The title of this post? That was the ONLY item on Owen's list of "Fall ideas" made back in September. Check and check.

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