03 November 2009

the halloween costume post.

Here are the first completed sewing projects in a while for me--it's been a busy fall work-wise. But for Halloween, I got my act together. Because what good is having a mama who can sew if she doesn't make your Halloween outfits?

fireman owen

The fireman jacket is from Butterick #3244 and the Ewok costume is my design--it took several muslins to get the hood right. Well worth the effort, and finished with 2.5 hours to spare. I think these will be good as dress-up components year-long, anyway.

fireman jacket

The fireman enjoyed his holiday thoroughly--made it to several houses to trick-or-treat then enjoyed handing out candy the rest of the evening. He handled all the customers except for the "skeleskins," which he delegated to daddy-pan. The Ewok didn't really understand what was going on, of course, but he knew it was something good. See the piece of candy clutched in that chubby fist? He did not let go of it the entire walk. Not much interest in getting other candy from the neighbors, either--my wanderer just wanted to hold his treasure and enjoy the inexplicable treat of getting to walk up into all the yards and even take a seat on their porch steps. And, much to my delight, both kids kept their costumes on the whole time. Yesiree, it was a good night.


Little C and Little J said...

very impressive mama-pan. I opted for store bought because of a firefighter request! Sad to say. But, our costume came off pretty quickly. I has, of course, been put on many times since Halloween, that is life, right?

mama-pan said...

How funny they made the same choice--I'd love to see photos of your fireman sometime! What is it with little boys and that dream, huh? I guess a job that involves hoses, ladders, and axes used almost simultaneously does sound more exciting than most adult professions...


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