03 November 2009

grateful for kind people.

Two wonderful things happened in the past 24 hours. Small, but wonderful.

Daddy-pan is out of town for the next two weeks, so I was feeling fairly bummed/stressed. Then last night a friend stopped by with this gorgeous plant:

It is meant as a thank-you gift for some maternity clothes I lent her, but my goodness, I feel like the one who should be thanking her. A much-needed mood lifter. And they even match my sofa.

Then, just an hour ago, as I was dropping off my son with our child care provider (we LOVE this woman--sometimes I think I keep working just to justify my kids hanging out with her--but that's the subject of another post!), she came out with a little tupperware full of warm lunch. Shrimp and rice, delicious. Just because.

I should have a photo of that to share, too, but of course I've already eaten it.

I want to be half as thoughtful as these ladies when I grow up.

1 comment:

Little C and Little J said...

How nice. Sometimes it seems like people know what we need, doesn't it.


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