22 October 2009

we also like to eat.

I have noticed that many of my favorite blogs, while mostly devoted to crafts (hello, new sidebar links!), also tend to veer into the realm of food. Because making things and making things-to-eat go together so well, don't they?
We are a family of "good eaters," and in recent years--influenced in part by some wonderful foodie and "locavore" neighbors--have paid lots more attention to where our food comes from. Here again, I think this is a turn shared by many new parents. Not only do we want to put good things in our kids' bellies, but planting, picking, gardening, and EATING--well, they help pass the time, you know?

This year was our first official attempt at a garden. Because we are awesome, we managed to grow a ton of zucchini, including one 18-incher I named "She-Ra." We got a few summer squash, butternuts, green peppers, swiss chard, lettuces, and one ear of corn. We had some delicious heirloom tomatoes of unknown variety, and a bumper crop of herbs (which we've been growing for a couple of years now). On the other hand, we got only a smattering of peas and managed to kill the seeds of carrots, spinach, and a few others. Win some, lose some, I guess.

I'm conveniently using the royal "we" here, but the garden is really daddy-pan's realm and success. It's a big bonding time for him and the boys.

And me? I'm happy to hang in the kitchen and spend time cooking all those healthy vegetables. Delicious, chocolate-strawberry-frostingy vegetables.

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Little C and Little J said...

these are the best pictures!! love those of your son stacked against the zukes!


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