08 October 2009

kids' aprons. round three.

To fully exhaust my adeventures in kid-apron-sewing (for now, at least), I'll share this one, made for a friend "graduating" from day care to preschool. The front is brown linen with embroidered pocket, and I managed not to get a shot of the gorgeous vintage floral I used on the reverse. I still have some left that I'm hoarding for my own purposes, whatever those turn out to be.

favorite details: Those button flowers, of course.

would do differently: Remember to take a photo of BOTH sides of finished projects!


Little C and Little J said...

Oh, that is so sweet, what a good idea to make button flowers! Great embroidery.

mama-pan said...

thanks! loved the button details over on little J's quilt, too--I don't have the recent "button book" that came out but maybe I should request it from the library, eh?


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