13 October 2009

the hat, already.

As promised some time ago, here's a photo of my finished sun hat from the pattern in Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing.

It's linen with embroidery on the crown; the lining is from a vintage, thrifted sheet. I don't have a shot showing the lining on the finished hat, but here's a process picture of the embroidery up close alongside the lining fabric:

The embroidery was inspired by this lovely piece by one of my favorite crafters, tiny happy. I loved the idea of petals blowing in the wind as a way to bring motion to a static image.

Like about this project: Besides the above details and the beautiful shape Lotta Jansdotter's pattern yielded, I'm also really glad I took the advice I read several places in Bloglandia and shortened the brim by about an inch. Because it's a hat, not a lampshade, y'all.

Would do differently next time: I think a hat in this style would be really pretty with an even bigger, less understated, work of embroidery on the side, or maybe some big felt flower appliques. I'd also like to come up with an easy, invisible way to affix the crown lining to the outer--right now it kind of flops around in there.

1 comment:

Little C and Little J said...

I love it! Great, whimsical embroidery. And, it looks great on you. Maybe you can line it with fleece and wear it all winter!


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