06 October 2009

blasts from the past. part 2.

Sticking with the made-for-kids theme for a bit here. And the cover-type-garments-photographed-with-tiger-hanger theme, too, apparently. This one is an apron in a cowboy theme. I freehanded the pattern, which means it hits way too high in the neck and will still take my son another two years to grow into. But it's sturdy (front from a thrifted burlap kind of material) and he still wears it sometimes for baking, because cowboys love to bake.

Favorite details: The pocket applique/embroidery, of course. And the back, cut from a thrifted sheet. I cut the straps to feature that awesome western star.

Would do differently next time: See how the straps adjust there? They are all one piece, starting at the top of the apron then threading through two loops at the waist. Not bad for cinching it up, but terrible for easily HANGING it--hence the tacky plastic number I'm using in this shot.

Anyone have a favorite design for apron straps for kids?

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