15 September 2009

Shout-out to Tigerlily Tinkering

This photo of my first attempt at making bias tape is for Melissa at TigerlilyTinkering. She sent a sweet thank-you email about my tip for bias-tape construction (to "hop" the iron rather than sliding it as the tape comes out of the metal folder) back in JUNE--and I just now found it! Guess I need to check my blog account more often, eh?

Melissa's blog is full of great projects and daily-life ideas. She inspired me to finish my most recent project, the sunhat from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. If I can get my act together to take a photo, I will blog about the hat here soon!


Little C and Little J said...

You are so sweet!! Thanks. I'm so happy you enjoy TT. Speaking of blogs, this blog is great, super great! Love those booties and would love to know more about how you made them. Am thinking about ten toes in my house that would appreciate those cozies. And, as always, thanks for the bias tape tip.

mama-pan said...

oh! hope you see this--I may email it too. But for blog posterity I will write here that I made the booties with a felted thrift store sweater and by tracing a deconstructed pair of faux-robeez from my first son. They are so easy! You must make some for your tiny toes!


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