03 March 2009


I don't write down most of the amazing things that come out of their mouths--I guess they seem so memorable at the time, I'm sure I will never forget. Knowing that's not really the case, here are a few recents:

After reading The Funny Little Woman with Z. and asking why the protagonist was hiding from the wicked Oni behind a statue, O. remarked:
"I'm not afraid of the wicked Oni. The other day, when I was out chopping wood in the forest, a wicked oni came up to me. He bit me on the leg, but I wasn't afraid. I just ran inside the house."

O. asked about the Stations of the Cross he saw at church--I explained the story of the crucifixion, including Simon, Veronica, the women, and the part where Christ is stripped of his clothes. When I got to the end of the story--Christ's followers return to his tomb to find it empty, he remarked, "He must have gone back to find his clothes."

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