05 February 2009

eight months old


Eight short months ago, this guy came into the world. Elliott is one of the most pleasant babies I've had the occasion to know--an infectious smile that only occasionally gives way to an equally-sincere mad. He loves emptying baskets full of toys, babbling, his newfound world of solid food, and especially watching his big brother go.

In just the past week Mr. E has graduated from a crazy turning-scooting-sliding motion to real crawling, begun pulling up on furniture and bathtubs, and discovered that drawers open. I can see that I am in for (at least!) eight more months of hard work--just yesterday I cleaned up spilled dog water twice, proving that in fact I have not mastered this parenting thing yet. I mean, seriously, the first one was a surprise (I'd set Elliott down in the living room just minutes before--how did he move so fast??), but for the second time I can only blame myself. And for the third and fourth and twenty-sixth times this will happen over the next few months? Sigh. I need to train the dog to drink from the toilet.

In between all this activity, Elliott is the perfect size and plumpness for snuggling with. And when he sleeps--oh! I cannot resist those delicious resting cheeks and eyelids and toes.

There's so much to come for him, for our family--I hold my breath wondering how it will all spin out.

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