25 September 2008

happy birthday to you

We had a great celebration for Owen's third birthday. It was so great to see the look in his eyes just before everyone started to sing for him--a little shy, a little gleeful. The short guest list--three girls, three boys (including Owen)--was just right; there were no tussles, everyone enjoyed painting their t-shirts (and no one went home with good clothes ruined, thank the Lord), and all the kids got to socialize with one another in manageable groups. I kind of wish we could have had a few more small parties so we could see all of our great friends and neighbors in bite-sized portions, but I'm only one woman.

After the party ended, there was a much-needed nap, then a flurry of writing thank you notes:

He wrote one for himself, oddly enough.

I'll add a few of my own thank-yous here, even though no one reads this. Thanks to Cupcake Bakeshop and Soulemama for their inspiration on the dessert and the crown, respectively. Thanks to all of the great parents who shared their kids and simple gifts like a mix CD, a neat game, and homemade cards and play-dough. And thanks to daddy-pan for helping me pull it together! Oh, and for fathering this wonderful kiddo, too.

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